various actors in a headshot montage

Actor  Headshots

Des Moines/Ames

“We make your model and actor headshots unforgettable.”

With so much competition, actors and models need to stand out in the crowd but it’s hard to. You need great actor headshots! It’s common for a director or model agency to be sorting through hundreds of applicants. With awesome, professional actor or model head shots, we can help separate you from the amateurs and it’s really easy! As you market yourself on social media, you always need new ‘looks’ to put out there, as you interact with your fans. Don’t miss a job or a chance to build your following!

actor with a surprised look
scared actor in grey sweater
crying actor in white shirt and bow tie
young man has a question he wants to ask
close-up of an indian actor in los angeles
excited young man extending his arm
Jeremiah the actor with his arms crossed
young indian businessman has his hands in his pockets

Actors Headshots

Des Moines, Ames

Four Easy Steps:
1. Phone consultation
2. Photoshoot
3. Choose images from an on-line gallery
4. Your edited images e-mailed right to you!

female actor from los angeles
young woman is asking us to be quiet
young woman acting surprised
serious looking woman in black tank top and grey sweater
jimmy the actor as a grandfather
middle aged actor as a business executive
man posing as a mafia boss
smiling middle aged man in a red t-shirt
“As a trained professional photographer, I have more than just expensive equipment. I have the expertise to make you look like the best version of yourself!”
man in denim overalls looking serious
posing actor in a blue suit and glasses
happy farmer standing in overalls and a plaid shirt
closeup of a farmer with a beard

Actor  Headshots  Studio  Price  Packages

3 Looks  $387

  • 3 Different Looks
  • 45 Minute session
  • Phone consultation
  • 3 Edited full-sized images
  • 3 Edited social media files
  • online proofing gallery
  • Additional edits $47

5 Looks $499

  • 5 Looks
  • 60 Minute photography session
  • Phone consultation for planning
  • Professional posing and post-process editing
  • Online proofing gallery
  • 5 Edited full sized images images
  • 5 Edited social media files
  • Additional edited images $39

10 Looks  $1197

  • 10 Looks
  • 90 Minute photography session
  • Phone consultation for planning
  • Professional posing, styling and editing
  • Online proofing gallery
  • Your top 10 full sized edited images downloaded from online gallery
  • Additional Edits only $39
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