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I fell in love with Scott 35 years ago at Iowa State University and haven't looked back since. He loves God and people more than I ever could. Life has never been boring with Scott. We moved our family (with 4 kids) to Ukraine to help the people there in their transition from life as part of the Soviet Union to a free people. Oh, the adventures we have had! READ MORE.


Being there during the Orange Revolution, starting support groups, Bible studies, living in a village where most people didn’t have in-door plumbing or gas heat, while learning Russian and loving borscht. We lived there 11 years and some of our closest friends are Ukrainians.


Scott is not only my love and business partner, he’s an amazing father. He loves to teach and is so very patient. He bowhunts, fishes and cares deeply for the world God’s entrusted to us. He is artistic and has a wonderful ‘eye’ for lighting and finding the perfect locations for photographs. The image above is his idea.


Did I mention, Scott is our lighting specialist. All our awards (from the Professional Photographers of Iowa) have my name on them, but they would not exist  without Scott’s expertise. You’ll love working with him too!

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Walking by faith has led my wonderful wife, Linda, and I on several adventures together over the past 30+ years. A couple of them include raising our 4 children overseas in a newly-birthed country, and now, for over 10 years we've been working as a team here at Dramatic Memories. READ MORE.


The Lord knew what He was doing when He said,” It’s not good for the man to be alone.” Enjoying this journey together with my best friend has been a wonderful testimony to this truth.


Willingness to step out in faith, despite less than comfortable and sometimes risky situations has been something I’ve really admired in Linda for many years now. And to do it for the betterment of other people is especially praiseworthy. It’s been an amazing ride together babe, still can’t believe you said “yes” so many years ago and really looking forward to what the Lord has planned for us in the future together.


As you can see from Linda’s work on this website- she’s an amazing artist. Great photography should move us. Jaws should drop. The artist’s eye should be revealed in their use of color, light and composition. Taking a picture should not be equated with great photography. I hope you enjoy each image as you would the oil paintings of a single painter. I love Linda’s creativity and how she uses her camera, lighting and photoshop skills as a painter his brush and palette. Enjoy the fruits of her labors!

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