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    Dramatic Memories is an award-winning fine art

studio with clients from all over central Iowa and as

far as New York and LA. Scott and I

are a husband/wife team specializing in

making every client (you) look and feel amazing

while providing you with photographic art that will

be passed on for generations. 


     What makes our work special is we first get to

know you then strive to capture that "essence of

you" in our photography and artwork. Linda is the

artist/photographer and Scott is our business

manager, lighting specialist and this the one who

scouts out each beautiful location so we match

your special personality.


     Linda is honored to be a Certified Professional

Photographer from the Professional Photographers

of America. (Only 8% of all the photographers out

there have that certification.)


     Linda also has won many awards from the

Professional Photographers of Iowa with her Senior

Portraits through the last 10 years.


We love getting to know each client and working together to get you just that perfect memory.