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    Senior Portraits are really, a once in a life time experience for most juniors/seniors. Unless you’re going on to model, you only do this once. So, we really want it to be special!
Our goal is to:
      *give both senior and parents a fun, wonderful experience

      *give you unique locations and shots

      *give you beautiful images that everyone loves to share and pass on to grandkids!


Scott and I will stand on our heads, if need be, to make this happen for you and your senior. Our clients come from all over Iowa - Clear Lake, Newton, all over the Des Moines area, and of course the Ames area. But we only take 15 seniors this year so schedule early! Our senior orders average $900-3,000.

 Each session has a minimum print/product purchase. These help folks choose the best length session for them. 


 Our Senior Sessions include a consultation to plan your photoshoot and yearbook picture sent directly to your school!


 1 hour $129 in studio, classic or speciality sports  (minimum order is $549)

 2 hours $199 studio +/or several locations, around 4-5 outfits (min order $899)

 3 hours $299 perfect for sunsets, more locations + speciality sports (min $1200)


 We plan every session around what YOU want...sunsets, urban, country,  special lighting sports, cars, pets and horses, montages...


 Our 2019 Senior Packages start around $549. 


 We have so....much more to share with you, so please call or write and we can share everything!


Contact us we can help decide the perfect session for you!