Any quality piece of art requires some investment. We all choose what is important to us and are willing to pay for it. Portrait art is an investment because, unlike that leather couch you just bought, those beautiful images of your baby's little feet and twinking eyes or that image catching that tear in your dad's eye during the Father/Daughter dance gains value as time goes by, and will not end up in the garage sale in 10 years.

           Our prices vary for the different types of work we do. But for each one we customize each session to be just what you need. We limit our sessions per week to give the tender loving care needed to create the most amazing images possible for you. We scout out new beautiful locations weekly matching flower colors to clothes and locations to personalities! 

        Careful planning before your shoot, the time, creativity and skill behind the camera and then at the computer creating beautiful portrait art is what you pay for. When you come to Dramatic Memories, you hire us to do what we do best, capture the essence of you...as well as some amazing dramatic memories!