We had gone out to California to visit two of our older sons who live in the Santa Monica area and get some time to hang out with them as well as to get some time together with our older son, Tate’s, fiance. The other thing we did was to plan a couple days of actor’s head shots. We would like to continue to do that there, as well as here in the Ames/Des Moines area. Out in the Hollywood area you have lots and lots of people who do work for commercials, TV and movies. Many have second jobs. We’ve seen a number of our kids’ friends on TV – it really is fun when we do.

A few words about the title, “Speaking Without Words- Evidence of a Designer”. A wise king once said that the heavens are proclaiming the fact that there is a Creator behind all this beauty and design. You can just feel it. It shouts out this message without the use of speech or words. It’s self-evident. I’ve stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, enjoyed the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, been dwarfed by the redwood giants in northern California, scuba dived in the crystal waters of the Red Sea near Egypt and sat high in a tree stand in the autumn clad colors of the woodlands of Iowa. It’s an amazing feeling to sense the presence of the Designer within His creation.

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